Gas Stoves

Looking for the look of a Wood Burning Stove but the convenience of just pushing a button?

A Regency Gas Stove is the solution for you! Designed to look like a wood burning stove, a Regency Gas Stove provide warmth for your home efficiently and quickly.

Available in both Cast Iron or Steel, these stoves make a great addition to any home. With a venting system that is versatile, these stoves are able to be placed close to the wall and low profile venting systems prevent you from having to looking at a big chimney system outside of the house. Regency & Hampton gas products are available for use with Natural Gas or Propane.

Just like the rest of Regency & Hampton Fireplace Products, these units also come with a Thermostatic Remote Control and Battery Back-Up System and are available with a blower system to help move your heat into other areas - ensuring you will always be warm.

Click here to view the Regency Gas Stove brochure

Click here to view the Hampton Gas Stove Brochure

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