Wood Burning Inserts

If you like to have a wood burning fire in your existing fireplace or you're looking to make good use of that existing fireplace while still burning wood, consider a Regency or Hampton Wood Burning Insert to make it more efficient.

Regency & Hampton offer both Traditional and Contemporary designs as well as the option to chose between Cast-Iron and Steel. Cast-Iron will usually get hotter than steel whereas Steel will heat up faster. Let us help decide which product is best for you.

These products are designed to be retrofitted into your existing fireplace without major construction. Available in cast iron and steel, wood burning inserts are a great addition to any home & fireplace. Units are all available with the option to add a blower. We offer both catalytic AND non-catalytic units. Each installation includes a liner kit + cap & flashing for your existing chimney.

So if you're ready to start getting heat from your existing fireplace, give us a call today to see available options for your home.

Click Here to view the Regency Wood Burning Brochure

Click Here to view the Hampton Wood Burning Brochure


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