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Not satisfied with the heat that you're getting from your fireplace? With a roaring fire you might notice that your fireplace is not warming up the room as you had expected. Why? Most of the heat produced from your fireplace goes up the chimney and out of the house. You may also notice that it's actually making the room colder, and this is because a drafty fireplace can pull the warm air out of the room making it colder. Let's fix that!

Installing a Regency Gas Insert will put that heat back into the house. Using your existing fireplace, this appliance product will work efficiently ensuring your heat goes where it's supposed to -- into the room! These systems use a fraction of the fuel as a regular fireplace with Gas Logs, but will give you 5x the heat.

Whether or not your gas insert is currently in use, it's still working for you! If you're used to a drafty fireplace that lets cold air into the room, you will soon forget that it was ever like that. After each unit and its venting materials are installed, your drafty fireplace will be no more -- keeping heat where is belongs, in your house.

No Power? No Problem! Each unit Regency Gas Insert sold by Complete Fireplace includes a battery backup function that will allow you to use your gas insert in an emergency situation, even if the power is out. There's nothing better than knowing that even without electricity, you will still be able to keep you and your family warm during a tough storm.

If you would like to view more information, please click here to open the Regency Gas Insert brochure.


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