Eiklor Flames Vented Gas Logs

The best looking and most reliable gas fireplace systems available, without question. Eiklor Flames.


The ULTIMATE in - Realism, Beauty & Elegance. 100% Made in the USA.

Are you tired of dealing with the mess created by your wood burning fireplace? A wood burning fireplace is great, but they are far from perfect. Whether it’s the mess created during the process of getting the fireplace started, or the smell of the smoke in your home when finished... – a gas fireplace conversion will eliminate all of those frustrations.

It's impossible to go wrong with our Eiklor Flames Vented Gas Log Systems!

Offering a Lifetime Warranty, our vented gas logs are the without questions the most reliable gas vented gas logs available.

Far too often we experience or hear about gas fireplace systems that just don't work as they are supposed to - and that's just unacceptable to us. Over the years Complete Fireplace has worked with all of the major manufacturers of these products and found that our most reliable systems are the Eiklor Flames gas logs.

Our Eiklor Flames gas logs bring our clients years of trouble-free use, while also providing the best looking aesthetics and realism compared to any other system on the market (without exaggeration)!

With several different styles of burners and log sets, and the ability to fit any fireplace, we will be sure to find an Eiklor Flames Vented Gas Log System for your fireplace. We also have options that include Remote Control operation.

Available for use with both Natural Gas and Propane, call us today at 732-890-4448 for an estimate to convert your fireplace from Wood to Gas.

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