Tips/FAQ about Fireplaces

Check here to the answers to some common questions that we frequently receive.

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Remote operable fireplaces are a favorite among most consumer. Remember to change your batteries at least once a year. This will prevent corrosion and keep your remote in working order. Also, remember that your fireplace most likely has a receiver which also requires its batteries to be changed. Be sure to remember to do to keep your fireplace in good working order.
If you notice that during the winter your fireplace lets cold air into the room, consider have a set of fireplace doors installed to help reduce the draft.

If you want to make your fireplace easier to use, consider having it converted to Natural Gas. This will make it easy to turn your fireplace on when you want to use it, and east to turn off when you're done. No more waiting for the fire to go out before going to bed, you can just turn it off!